Benjamin Arnaud bunjee
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Who I am

I'm a hacker for the society of sharing.

What I stand for

I'm coder designer on the MotionBox project.

I'm united with the omega Movement.

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Where I'm from

I'm from Paris in France.

My country stood for the universal values of human rights.

May it be a democracy for the society of sharing.

What I believe

There is awesomeness in every single one of us.

Talents are given to us for sharing.

Singularity leads to unity.

What I build Sources

I build software for sharing.

Distributist Software is Free Software built for sharing.

I'm building Distributist Software for the society of sharing.

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I'm a coder

I code in C++ with the Qt framework and a few libraries.

I persist, iterate and stay focused.

I care about clarity, efficiency and scalability.

I'm a designer

I design from the first line to the last pixel.

Design is a synergy between algorithm, ergonomy and identity.

Simplicity is nothing left to take away.

What I did
Independant projects
  • 2010 / 2011 Warrior Labs: PC Gamers community.

  • 2005 / 2008 Messenger: Instant messaging application.

  • 2004 / 2005 glZelda: Zelda prototype in OpenGL.

  • 2002 / 6mth glBomber: Bomberman remake in OpenGL.

Professional experience
  • 2008 / 2011 Voxler: Software developer.

  • 2005 / 6mth Free hotline: Call taking and support.

  • 2006 / 6mth Saint-Gobain: Software developer.

  • 2003 / 4mth Cyanide: GUI developer.

Benjamin Arnaud aka bunjee
Manifesto for Motion Freedom (FR)
Report 2008 Messenger
Report 2006 Saint-Gobain (FR)
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